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Saint Paul 大学 A Community & Technical 大学


The mg电子试玩app Team is located in the mg电子试玩app Office, Room 1300 near the main entrance to the 大学.

The mg电子试玩app Office provides prospective students with up-to-date information on program options, program requirements and general information to assist students in the mg电子试玩app process. 应用 and learn more about the mg电子试玩app process!

A valid government issued picture ID (such as a Driver’s License, 状态标识, or passport) is required in the mg电子试玩app & Financial Aid Office. Pictures and copies of ID are not allowed.

mg电子试玩app also issues Saint Paul 大学 ID Cards. Valid government issued photo ID is required to receive a Saint Paul 大学 ID Card (SPC Card). See below or click here for more information on acceptable forms of ID.

Valid Driver's
License/State ID

Valid Driver's License/State ID

Saint Paul 大学 ID Card

Saint Paul 大学 ID Card

Valid Passport

Valid Passport

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